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Soviet artist Tatyana Yeryomina 1912-1995

Illustration by Soviet artist Tatyana Yeryomina, member of the USSR Union of artists. On New Year eve. 1953

Illustration by Soviet artist Tatyana Yeryomina. On New Year eve. 1953

Member of the USSR Union of Artists and Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1966) Soviet artist Tatyana Yeryomina (1912-1995) was a graphic, poster artist, and illustrator of children’s books. Tatyana Alexeyevna Yeryomina was born in Moscow. She studied at the Moscow Regional Art Teachers College (1927-1931) and at the Moscow Art Institute. Studied in the workshops of Sergei Gerasimov and Alexander Deineka (1931-1938). Her diploma work was a series of posters on the theme “Soviet woman”, for which she received a diploma of the first degree.
Since 1930 she began working in the field of poster. It was themes of socialist labor, agriculture, and childhood. Among her works – “Let’s show at the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition achievements of state farms and collective farms” (1939), “With exemplary work of kindergartens and nurseries we can help to learning, growth, and career of young working mothers” (1940), and more. Since 1934, she drew for magazines: “30 days”, “Change”, “Murzilka”. Tatyana Yeryomina actively participated in exhibitions of Soviet art since 1937. Since 1950 she illustrated and designed books for publishers: “Children’s Literature”, “Children’s World”, “Detgiz” and others. In addition, she worked much in the easel graphics and lithography (“Tower in the pool,” 1930).

Tatyana Yeryomina (1912-1995). Air raid. Moscow 1942

Tatyana Yeryomina (1912-1995). Air raid. Moscow 1942

During World War II Yeryomina, like most Soviet artists, joined the work on the creation of patriotic propaganda poster: “The girls boldly drive tractor and give soldiers secure mandate: – beat bravely and skillfully the fascists, and we’ll do the work for you” (1941), “Harvest the crop to a single grain” (1941), “The guerrillas, revenge without mercy!” (1942). She is known for her post-war social poster “More durable fabrics and beautiful products!” (1948).

Football. 1940

Football. 1940

One of the best children’s illustrators of the last century, in the early period of her work Tatyana was influenced by her teacher – Alexander Deineka. Anyway, a favorite theme of Yeryomina – children and everything connected with them. She convincingly and confidently created images of children, clearly and very attractively drew strong, ruddy, healthy and happy children. The atmosphere, where she puts her characters, not random, it seems to be an integral part of the continuation of children’s portraits. TA Yeryomina is a light and lyrical artist. She also depicted everyday life of Soviet people, and also nature. The artist has illustrated a lot of books. And every book with her drawings is a gift to the children.

Tatiana Yeryomina is the author of illustrations: “Thumbelina” by Hans Christian Andersen; “Cinderella” by Charles Perrault; “Graders”, “All in all,” “Younger brother”, “Rope” by A. Barto; “Steel ring”, “Disheveled sparrow” by K.Paustovsky; “Twelve Months”, “The kindergarten on walk” by S. Marshak.

She participated in many all-union, republican exhibitions and contests. Solo exhibitions of her works was held in Moscow (1953, 1971). She received the incentive diploma at the All-Union competition “Best Books 1965” in 1965.
Works by Tatiana Yeryomina are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, and many regional museums and galleries, and private collections in Russia and abroad.

TA Yeremina was favorite student, and then a friend, until the end of the life of AA Deineka. She was friend with many famous creative personalities of her time (Kataev, Boris Messerer, Anel Sudakevich, Orest Vereisky, Barto, James Patterson (black boy from the movie The Circus). In ordinary life she was a beautiful versatile person.

Soviet artist Tatyana Yeryomina