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Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko

Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko. Self-portrait with her son. Oil. 1977

Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko (born June 24, 1944, Moscow, USSR). Self-portrait with her son. Oil. 1977

Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko
From the window of her studio – a fabulous view of the golden-domed Moscow with stars, roofs and domes. Depending on the lighting and the time of year, this urban landscape bears different moods: from the intoxicating delight of the beauty of the world in a clear winter morning to viscous melancholy of autumn evening, when the city acquires a sinister silhouette outlines. All these changes of breath, shades of feeling of a big city are recorded with the utmost sincerity in the artist’s paintings. But it is not a landscape, no. Reflection takes place in people’s faces, in their fates, which are disclosed to the canvas in a leisurely scenic narrative. And the city, as something fatal, always visible behind them.

At the Lenin outpost. Oil. 1966. Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko

At the Lenin outpost. Oil. 1966. Painting by Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko

The atmosphere of high spirituality, art is able to unite people of different ages and generations. But how many divisive moments and circumstances are in life! This is evidenced by the artist in many of her works – portraits, paintings. Her work – a conversation with a contemporary about him, about the problems of the indissoluble connection of times and destinies. Nazarenko – an artist with a philosophical turn of mind. Her paintings have double and sometimes triple meaning.

From the wall of her workshop strictly look at her work of the old Dutch masters, portraits of Gregory Ostrovsky, and the supervision of eternity does not allow complacency to develop, although the recognition of the leader and the glory of art of the 1990s the artist caught in a fairly young age. To put herself in line with the great masters and try to be as good – it is not for the weak. But this is what teachers at the Surikov Institute taught Tatyana. She graduated from the studio of AM Gritsay, DD Zhilin, SN Shilnikov. They constantly brought to class slides and albums about top artists, orienting students to a high level of art. Several prints hung on the walls. Leaving the Institute, Tatyana took some with her. They are still at her studio. The memory of the past? Perhaps a reminder of the eternal, as each artist needs.

“For me the old master is not less real than a contemporary, says Nazarenko.- Do you believe in reincarnation? Looking at the paintings of Bruegel, Bosch, I understand why they used brush this or that way. Sometimes it seems that they’re talking to me, advise how to draw a hand, face …

Her works are now in the art museums of the country and foreign collections. She does not do sketches, what she thinks in her head – immediately transfers on the canvas. “I hate a blank canvas, says Tatyana Nazarenko. Inspiration is unfamiliar to me. All paintings are born painfully. The joy of creativity? It rarely comes only when the job is finished and you can see a well-done piece. I like the last stage, the completion, when the canvas covered with paints and then I start to paint out the details … What helps in the works? Bad mood. Mostly paint what I do not like – annoying or sad. People are trying to make life easier, try not to notice the bad. This is a superficial approach. I want you to notice … ”

Soviet Russian artist Tatiana Nazarenko (born June 24, 1944, Moscow, USSR) – A teacher, a professor, a member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1969, the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1993), Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts (2001, Corresponding Member of 1997). People’s Artist of Russia (2014). In 1955-1962 she studied at the Surikov Art Institute, in workshops of professors AM Gritsai and DD Zhilinsky in Moscow. In 1969 – 1972 she worked in the studio of the Academy of Arts under the direction of Soviet artist GM Korzhev.

Young Artist journal 1989-03,
Illustrated album from the Series New Names. Tatiana Nazarenko. Moscow. 1978

Soviet Russian artist Tatyana Nazarenko