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Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev

Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev

Flowers, palette, and artist. 1973. Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev (27 September 1926 – 12 July 1998)

Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev

Andrey Pozdeyev (27 September 1926 – 12 July 1998) – member of the USSR Union of Artists (1961).
He was an artist with a capital letter, like no one else. Born and lived all his life in Siberia, he devoted his creativity to the native land.
Born September 27, 1926 in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, he began drawing in early childhood. In 1937 he participated in the contest of children’s drawings, dedicated to the centennial memory of Alexander Pushkin. For his magnificent portrait of the poet Andrey Pozdeyev received an award.
When the war began, the artist got a job at the plant, but then decided to go to the mother’s relatives. For such unauthorized action the artist received 6 years in prison. Pozdeyev kept his head and continued to paint in the colony, engaging in a variety of design of wall newspapers.

Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev

Signs. Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev

When Pozdeyev released from prison, he was sent to the craft college, and from there, in 1943, to the front. However, demobilized due to serious illness – tuberculosis and moved to the city of Minusinsk for medical treatment.

In Minusinsk he created many of his works, with which he later went to Krasnoyarsk. He showed these paintings to the known artists in Krasnoyarsk and received quite positive reviews. Later, Andrey graduated from art school named after Vasily Surikov.

In 1974 was the first exhibition of works by Andrey Pozdeyev.

Now his masterpieces are known all over the world. They decorate the walls of the Tretyakov Gallery and the Russian Museum. Our countryman, put on a par with such masters of fine art as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Wassily Kandinsky. His paintings still have not lost their relevance and are still loved by the common people.
In addition, Andrey Pozdeyev included in the international art rating (the world’s top artists XVIII-XXI centuries, forming the world artistic heritage).

The artist died in his studio in Krasnoyarsk, July 12, 1998. He was buried at the Badalyk cemetery.

The artist’s statement:

“… Know yourself – what in this case is necessary to bear in mind. The only thing you need here. And the whole reason in itself. And after all, the joy that a person is able to create until the last day. That’s a miracle! The case for life. And I have to be in it clearer, as a man. Do not lie to yourself. That is the essence of this huge spiritual matters. And we turned it all into a profession. Job is, sorry, closer to the craft. Without craft there is nothing, of course, but here the artist is obliged to think of something with his head. The man was born with it and lives up to the very last day. This is a great happiness. ”

Soviet Russian artist Andrey Pozdeyev