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Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin

AR Lopatin (b. 1951) goalkeeper training. 1976. Gouache on paper

Goalkeeper training. 1976. Gouache on paper. Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin (born 1951)

Early works of Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin were first featured in the illustrated album “Youth of country” published to the 60th anniversary of Komsomol, in 1978. The embodiment of youth, health, and strength of the athletes was characteristic for the paintings of A.R. Lopatin – “Goalkeeper Training”, “Morning Running”. Andrey Rostislavovich Lopatin – Honored Artist of Russia, member of the Commission for the Creative Union of Graphic Artists of Russia, director of the House of creativity “Chelyuskinskaya”. Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin was born in 1951 in Moscow, the USSR. He graduated from Moscow State Art Institute of Surikov (1975), studied at workshops of MV Motorin, EA Kibrik, NL Voronkov. Already in the early works of Andrei Lopatin there has been interest in the genre compositions.

Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin (b. 1951) morning. Run. 1976. Gouache on paper

Morning. Run. 1976. Gouache on paper. Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin (b. 1951)

One of the important themes of his latest works – the theme of ecology. Initially, it was conceived as the theme “City through the eyes of the citizen”, but gradually grew into a major series of works titled “Habitat”. The artist with his works as if looking for answers to the questions: how, where and what for we live? His paintings were awarded the diploma of the Academy of Arts. His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, in private collections in Germany and Norway.

Extract from the annotation to the illustrated album “Youth of the country”, dedicated to the 60 anniversary of Lenin Komsomol: “Feelings of joy and happiness fill many lyrical works dedicated to life of young people. Sports training and competitions, fun games and dances, gentle goodbye and wide weddings, family joys, and joy of honeymooners and many other things that are inseparable with the youth, we can see in the works of young Soviet artists. They do not merely illustrate the events that show only the image of the young builders of socialism, but also their inner world. They sought to capture the spirit of the heroic time”.

Soviet artist Andrey Lopatin