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Soviet Moldavian artist Igor Vieru 1923-1983

Soviet Moldavian artist Igor Vieru 1923-1983

Right side of the tryptich ‘Happinness of Ioanah’. 1967. Oil, canvas. Soviet Moldavian artist Igor Vieru (December 23, 1923 – May 24, 1988)

Soviet Moldavian artist Igor Vieru
Honored Art Worker of the Moldavian SSR, Igor Vieru belongs to the middle generation of Soviet Moldovan artists, who laid the foundations for new and modern trends in Moldovan painting, corresponding to modern reality. His work has about 70 paintings and 12 collections of book illustrations.
Born in 1923 in the village of Chernolevka (Moldavia, USSR), Igor Dmitrievich Vieru studied at the Republican Art College in Kishinev from 1946 to 1949.
Meanwhile, the traditions of folk decorative art greatly influenced the formation of the artist’s work. In particular, in the triptych “Happinness of Ioanah” (1967), the master conducts poetic narrative of his contemporaries. Simple and strong, they seemed to come from a folk song. The artist painted them whole and bright, finding for this joyful colors and melodic lines. In harmony and elegant festivity of the picture, the artist embodied idea of ​​happiness and joy of a man on his native land.

Bird in alert

Bird in alert. Oil, canvas. Painting by Igor Vieru

Among his most popular works are: “Spring”, “In My Own Village”, “Ballade of the Earth”, “Autumn”, “Holiday in Chernoleleuk”, “Master Manole” and others. Besides, illustrations for books with tales “Pakal and Tyndale”,”Mom and the Three Kids”, “Guguta”, “Fat Frumos and the Sun”, and others.

After the death of the great artist, his family did everything possible so that the pictures of Igor Vieru became world famous. To date, in the native village of the artist Chernoleleuk of Edinetsky district, there is a museum where the visitors can see the work of Igor Vieru. Besides, in Kishinev, opened the Republican boarding art school named after Igor Vieru.

Soviet Moldavian artist Igor Vieru