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Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev

To the light. Triptych. Central part. Oil. 1970. Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev (born July 5, 1933)

To the light. Triptych. Central part. Oil. 1970. Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev (born July 5, 1933)

Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev – member of the USSR Union of artists, People’s Artist of the Republic of Turkmenistan.
Born on July 5, 1933 in Ashgabat, he graduated from the Ashkhabad Art College in 1951 and the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov in 1965. His thesis work was “Turkmen carpet-weavers” (led by famous Soviet artist D.K. Mochalsky). Meanwhile, in the Moscow State Art Institute Chary Amangeldyev first received a diploma of a restorer, and then graduated from painting department.
Amangeldyev was a permanent participant of All-Union, republican, and international exhibitions of Soviet Art since 1957. And his personal exhibitions took place in 1974, 1983 in Turkmen State Museum of Fine Arts, Ashgabat. Besides, he was a participant of the 2nd Tashkent Biennale of Contemporary Art in 2002. His creativity no longer fit into the borders of Turkmenistan and the entire Soviet Union and went beyond them.
Associate Professor of the Turkmen Academy of Arts (1998-2004), Chary Amangeldyev made creative trips to Argentina, Bulgaria, Iran, Mongolia, Turkey, and Japan. His works are in the Turkmen State Museum of Fine Arts in Ashgabat, the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow, and in private collections in the former USSR and abroad.

Turkmen landscape. Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev

Red desert. Turkmen landscape. Painting by Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev

A fragile boy with big expressive eyes, from a remote village in Karakala, stood on the threshold of a children’s home in Ashgabat, not knowing what was ahead of him. He lost his mother and father in his early childhood. He, with his brothers and sister, was brought up in the Ashgabat Children’s Home of Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. It was in the orphanage appeared love for creative work. He dreamed and worked hard, painted etudes, portraits, landscapes and always drew with pencil. He really wanted to learn art. Where? The desire to learn did not leave him. The boy knew that there is an art institute in Moscow, and it was necessary at all costs to enter it.

And Moscow, alongside with the Art Institute of Surikov, with its museums and exhibition halls has become a teacher for a talented young man. Thousands of works of world classical painting, graphics, sculptures and many other kinds of fine art exhibited in museums captivated him. Now to get a professional education, he had to withstand hunger and cold.

He drew a lot in the studio. While his fellow students drew one work with sitters, he created two. Without leaving the studio, he spent a long time drawing and sketching. Besides, he watched and studied the works in the workshops of the Moscow painters. In addition, was constantly in the museums: Pushkin, the Tretyakov Gallery and the Arts of the Peoples of the East. After graduating from his favorite institute, he returns to his homeland with the diploma of the painter.

Meanwhile, upon returning to his native Ashgabat, he continues his work without interruption – paints and draws, studies and searches, creating canvases, large and small … As a result, in the 1970s, for a series of paintings about youth and the triptych “To the light” he received the award of Komsomol of the Republic. However, his success did not reassure him.
Still very enthusiastic and temperamental, he traveled around the country, drawing, studying his people, finding images and undertaking great philosophical themes.

The qualities inherent in his work – the desire for the poetics of national folk life, great attention to subjects in which the present organically coexists with the past. In addition, it is a subtle understanding of the inseparable connection of the national characteristic with the universal, and, finally, the increased emotionality of figurative decisions and picturesque stylistics. Inclined to a romantic perception of life, the art of Chary in its own way is individual.

The world of man and the world of nature merge in his pictures into a single poetic image – integral and polysemantic. Amangeldyev experiments with the forms and principles of avant-gardism, cubism and Dadaism, based on Turkmen national patterns.

He often chooses an extremely important topic. For example, one of the exhibited paintings is called “Terrorism”. Another remarkable canvas depicts the two brothers of Amangeldyev. Both of them are artists, however, their manners are completely different. By the way, the artist’s favorite painting is “The Conquerors of the Cosmos”. Cosmos is an impossible dream of Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev. In his studio – a whole bunch of astronomical literature. On a large canvas is depicted a part of the universe in which two cosmonauts are joined by spacecraft. In the foreground – Oleg Kononenko, next to him – the faces of Makhtumkuli, Tsiolkovsky, Shakespeare, Bruno, and Avicenna.

Soviet Turkmen artist Chary Amangeldyev

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