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Legendary Soviet Podstakannik

Legendary Soviet Podstakannik

USSR coat of arms. Tea-glass holder for Soviet passengers, traveling by train, and one of the symbols of the railway. Legendary Soviet Podstakannik

Legendary Soviet Podstakannik
Traditionally, in the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Georgian and any Soviet republic’s trains the tea was served and drunk from glasses, not from cups. The stability of the glass on the table provided made of metal “podstakannik” that holds a drinking glass.
Meanwhile, the tradition of drinking tea from glasses and podstakanniks penetrated the life of ordinary families, and homes. Noteworthy, the history of podstakannik is inextricably connected with the history of the USSR. Chosen, in particular, an ideal advertising medium, billboard, and conductor of Soviet propaganda. There was no television yet, and for advertising used other subjects, mostly collectible things. Among them – podstakanniks and matchboxes, stamps and postcards, badges and porcelain figurines. Besides, each of them could not help but caught the eye of every Soviet citizen.
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