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Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

Born 22 August 1950, Stavropol, the USSR, Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

Since her father was a Soviet officer, the family often moved to different cities. In particular, they lived long enough in Central Asia. However, because of the suspicion of tuberculosis in the daughter, her parents decided to change the climate and go north. Fortunately, in a colder climate, the disease really receded.
In the school days she loved to play sports, sing, participate in theatrical productions and various concerts. For this she was often called an actress, but in reality she did not think about her career as an actress. After graduating from school, she intended to enter the institute, but suddenly changed her mind and went to the Irkutsk Theater School.
A gifted girl fell to the taste of the admissions committee. She entered the school from the first attempt, but a year later she decided to go to Moscow. However, in the capital, success did not smile: she could not enter any of the Moscow theater schools. Nevertheless, luck still found her – she attracted the attention of the television crew. They offered her a small role in the film “The City of First Love.” She agreed and as a result was able to stay in Moscow for a year. This whole year she not only worked, but also trained diligently in the studio, which operated under the “Central House of Creativity”. A year later she still entered the “School-Studio of the Moscow Art TheaterĀ».

Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

Secrets of palace coups. Russia, the XVIII century (2000-2011). Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

The talent of the young actress did not cause any doubt, and for years of work in the theater, which continues to this day with the beautiful performance of key roles. “My Fair Lady”, “Years of Travels”, “Live and Remember”, “Last Summer in Chulimsk” – the names of only a few performances in which she played when her age was little more than 20 years.

In addition, she was active in films. Formally, the students of the “Moscow Art Theater School-Studio” were forbidden to work in the cinema until they received a diploma. But she first appeared in the film “The City of First Love” before the admission, so they made an exception for her. Soon she appeared in the film “Oh, this Nastya!”, And also in the 2-episode psychological drama “Elder Son”. Meanwhile, thanks to the role of Nina in the film, she became famous throughout the USSR.

She worked with such famous Soviet actors as Andrei Mironov, Nikolai Karachentsov, Evgeny Leonov, Mikhail Boyarsky and others. At the same time she continued to work enthusiastically in the “New Dramatic Theater”, and since 1989 – in the Moscow Art Theater of Chekhov. She took part in staging such performances as “Silver Wedding”, “Superfly”, “Noble Nest”, “Seagull”, “Cherry Orchard”, etc.

With age, her popularity did not come to naught. In the early 1990s, she actually had less work, like many Soviet actors at the time, but the retro-drama “Barak”, filmed in 1999, reminded the audience about the actress. Then followed the shooting in the series “Secrets of palace coups”, where she played Catherine I. Subsequently, to her filmography added such works as “Captain’s Daughter” and the role of the wife of one of the key characters in the series “Truckers”.

Personal life
In her youth she was an extremely charming girl, therefore she enjoyed the attention of men.
Her chosen one was Nikolai Popkov, whom she met while studying at the Moscow Art Theater School. However, after 16 years, the family broke up, because both Natasha and her husband were busy with their own careers. Meanwhile, Nikolai, better known as Glinsky, became a famous director. In the family, the couple had a son, Alexander. He several times participated in film projects with his mother.

In 2011, the death of her son killed in India became a strong blow to the actress. In Goa he lost all the documents. According to his father, on the body of murdered Alexander were signs of beating. Nikolai Glinsky is sure that his son was killed. Indian authorities allowed to transport the body of his son to his homeland.
As of 2016-2017, Natalia looks somewhat recovered from the loss and devotes much of her free time to work in the theater.

Soviet Russian actress Natalya Egorova

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