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Soviet painter Konstantin Maksimov 1913-1994

Soviet painter Konstantin Maksimov (1913 - 1994). Portrait of Vasily Shukshin. 1983. State Art museum of Altai

Portrait of Vasily Shukshin (prominent Russian Soviet writer, actor, director). 1983. State Art museum of Altai. Soviet painter Konstantin Maksimov (1913 – 1994)

Soviet painter Konstantin Maksimov (1913 – 1994) – People’s Artist of the RSFSR, winner of two Stalin Prizes (1950, 1952), a member of the RSFSR Artists’ Union (1943), Professor. Creativity of K. Maximov dedicated to work and everyday life of the Soviet people and its heroic history, Russian nature. The artist embodied his observations and reflections on the contemporary spiritual world in different genres of painting. He created deeply psychological portraits, large themed compositions. They embodied the noble people of the USSR, outstanding scientists, warriors, farmers, and builders. Konstantin Maksimov – participant of art exhibitions since 1929. Personal exhibitions of the artist took place in Amsterdam and Shanghai in 2001 and 2002. The artworks are in major art museums of Russia: the State Tretyakov Gallery, the State Russian Museum, as well as in private collections abroad: Germany, Netherlands, China, Spain, Italy, France and Japan.

A graduate, 1960

A graduate, 1960

Konstantin Mefodievich Maksimov was born on August 14, 1913 in the village of Shatrovo of Ivanovo region. He studied art in Ivanovo-Voznesensky art school (1930 – 1935). From 1937 to 1942 he studied at the Moscow State Academy of Arts named after VI Surikov in the studio of prominent Soviet artist GG Ryazhsky.

Still lifes and landscapes of Maximov absorbed the spring sun and brooding silence of fall. The world depicted by master is not a simple enumeration of facts and situations, but in its shaped specificity gives the viewer a complex and subtle aesthetic experience.

A lot of works of Maximov painted in watercolors. His complex in texture watercolor painting marked with density and multilayer paint surface, which, thanks to the purity of tone and color accuracy looks bright, vibrant, performed as if in one breath.

During his lifetime Maksimov made a lot of trips to foreign countries, visited France, Spain, Germany, Yugoslavia, China, and Italy. And in each of these trips, working with nature, the artist reveals the essence of the observed nature of human life. He created paintings and graphics that introduce us to the life of the peoples, with the architecture and nature of foreign countries.

Soviet painter Konstantin Maksimov