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Soviet artist Dementy Shmarinov

Soviet artist Dementy Shmarinov. Morning of Africa. Patrice Lumumba

Morning of Africa. Patrice Lumumba. Painting by Soviet artist Dementy Shmarinov (1907-1999)

Soviet artist Dementy Shmarinov
Among the honors and titles of Shmarinov are – Academician of the USSR Academy of Arts (1953), Corresponding Member of the German Democratic Republic Academy of Arts (1970), and People’s Artist of the USSR (1967). Besides, Laureate of Lenin (1980), second-degree Stalin Prize (1943) and the State Prize of Russia (1997).
Born April 29, 1907 in Kazan, Dementy Shmarinov grew in the family of an agronomist. He studied in Kiev art institute (1919-1922), workshops of NA Prakhov. Then, graduated from the Moscow art institute (1923-1928). Shmarinov was a chairman of the Board of the Moscow Union of Artists of the RSFSR in 1959-1961, 1966-1968 and 1972-1973. In addition, the Secretary of the Board of the USSR Union of Artists since 1968. Known primarily as an illustrator. Characterized by a realistic accuracy, his work is a graphic interpretation of literary works, noted for the credibility of the transmission of dramatic situations and socio-psychological characteristics of his heroes.

Dementy Shmarinov. Motherland or Death. Fidel Castro

Painting by Dementy Shmarinov. Motherland or Death. Fidel Castro

During World War II he made a number of political posters and a series of easel paintings. In them, with angry pathos, he told us about the suffering and courage of the Soviet people in the struggle with the enemy. Besides, Shmarinov is the author of the book “Years of life and work” (1989). Dementy Alexandrovich Shmarinov died August 30, 1999, buried in Moscow at the Vagankovsky cemetery. His son – AD Shmarinov is also an artist.

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Soviet artist Dementy Shmarinov