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Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev 1916-2004

Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev (October 24, 1916 - October 1, 2004)

Before the long journey (Nadezhda Krupskaya and Vladimir Lenin). 1973. Painting by Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev (October 24, 1916 – October 1, 2004)

Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev

Born 24 October 1916 in Baku, Sergey Yakovlevich Dunchev studied at the fine art department of the Azerbaijan Art College(1934-1939), workshop of S.I. Kulikov. Veteran of two wars – with the White Finns and the Great Patriotic War, he defended Moscow. And as part of the 16th Army, fought in the Smolensk direction. In 1943, after graduating from the three-month courses of the commander of the Navy, he became the junior lieutenant and a commander of the infantry platoon. In battles during the liberation of Smolensk he received a severe wound. Aawarded the Order of the Red Star, the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, and medals “For the defense of Moscow”, and “For victory over Germany”. After recovery, he received a disability. Demobilized in late 1944.
Since 1944 he lived in Sergiev Posad.

To school. 1954

To school. 1954. Painting by Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev (October 24, 1916 – October 1, 2004)

Dunchev participated in republican and regional exhibitions of Soviet Art. Besides, his personal exhibitions took place in Sergiev Posad (1967, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998). Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev was the master of genre and children’s portrait. He is the author of the notable works: “Tonya” (1948), “Self-portrait” (1949), “To school” (1950), “Reading the Pioneer Truth”, “The Master of Toy”, and “Girlfriends” (both 1952). Also, “Portrait of a Son”, New Year’s Gift (both 1953), Friends of Birds (1955), Portrait of the Wife (1957), etc. Among his portrait works – The Old Worker – (1958), Bird farmer (1959), Combine driver Kartashov (1962), Daughter (1964), Yunost (1965), “Natalia Izmestieva” (1996),” and more. In addition, he completed a number of landscapes: “Rainy Day” (1947), “Karl Marx Street”, “View of the Lavra”, “Hill in Zagorsk” (1948), “At the pier” (1962), and “Merry Day” (1992). Among still-lifes: Russian Souvenir (1971), Fish (1973), Phloxes (1975), Romashki (1987), and Lilac (1997). He also performed pastels “Ada”, “Tosya” (both 2001).

Member of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR (1947), he also was a member of the association “Zagorskiy artist” and the All-Russian public organization “Union of Artists of Russia”. Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

Sergey Yakovlevich died on October 1, 2004 (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region). His works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, and the Rostov Regional Museum of Fine Arts. Besides, in the gallery of Ken Russell (London, Great Britain), the National Gallery (Kobo, Japan), private collections in Russia and abroad.

Soviet artist Sergei Yakovlevich Dunchev