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Natasha Koroleva Soviet, Ukrainian and Russian pop singer

Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva

Natasha Koroleva biography

In 1990, the singer toured the United States with the children’s rock opera Peace Child. In the same year, Natalia moved to Moscow, where she began her creative collaboration with the composer Igor Nikolaev: the very first song of Nikolaev “Yellow Tulips” brought her real fame and success. It was Nikolaev who suggested that Natasha take the name of the Queen.



In 1991, Natasha Koroleva graduated from the vocal department of the Kiev Variety and Circus School, and throughout 1992 the singer toured Russia. In the 1990s, the star made large tours around the world. She was in Israel, Germany, USA and took part in such projects as “Christmas Meetings”, “Morning Mail”, etc.

In 1993 Natasha Koroleva married the composer Igor Nikolaev. In 2001, the star couple divorced.

Natasha Koroleva: “Igor offered me to live by the rules that I could not accept. Now it can be called whatever you like a midlife crisis, the consequences of a long life together, but the fact remains. Igor decided to unwind, wanted to live a free life, not burden himself with family obligations or public opinion. The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 50 (06.12.2004)



Natasha recorded albums:

  • “Yellow Tulips” (1990),
  • “Dolphin and the Mermaid” (1992),
  • “Admirer” (1994),
  • “Confetti” (1995),
  • “Diamonds of Tears” (1997),
  • “Heart” (2001)
  • “Pieces of the Past” (2002),
  • “Believe it or Not (in duet with Tarzan, 2003)
  • ” Paradise is where you are “(2006).


In 1995, Natasha made her film debut, playing the daughter of the chairman in the musical film “Old songs about the main thing.”

The Queen starred in television shows and films:

  • “Old songs about the main thing” (1995),
  • “Old songs about the main thing-2” (1996),
  • (1997) “Old songs about the main thing-3” ,
  • “The Newest Adventures of Buratino” (1997)
  • “Beauty salon” (2000),
  • “Old songs about the main thing. Postscript “(2000),
  • ” FM and the Boys “(2001),
  • ” Recipe for a Witch “(2003),
  • ” Against the Current “(2004),
  • ” My Fair Nanny “(2005),
  • ” Detectives 4 “(2005),
  • ” Grandpa My Dream 2 ”(2006),
  • “ Happy Together ”(2006),
  • “ Hold Me Tight ”(2007),
  • “ Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors ”(2007),
  • “ Goldfish ”(2008),
  • “ Paradox ”(2008).


In 2003, Koroleva graduated with honors from the Russian Academy of Theater Arts (course of Vladimir Andreev).

On February 19, 2002, the singer gave birth to a son, Arkhip, from stripper and bodybuilder Sergei Glushko (pseudo Tarzan).

On August 21, 2003, Natasha Koroleva and Sergei Glushko got married.

Natasha Koroleva: “We do not make any special proprietary claims to each other in this sense, we have a free marriage. Serezha and I are partners, husband and wife, loving people, but not each other’s property. On the other hand, it is, of course, necessary to have some information about the husband first of all at the beginning of the relationship. The quote is taken from the magazine “7 Days”, No. 32 (08/08/2013)

Album Dolphin and Mermaid

Album Dolphin and Mermaid

The singer recorded singles:
  • “Dream Crystal” (2006),
  • “On the Blue Sea” (2007),
  • “In the waiting room” (2008),
  • “Mom” (2008),
  • “Night City” (2009),
  • “Love without rules” (2009),
  • “Where the sun is” (2010),
  • “Smack-smack” (2010),
  • “Blow-blow” (2010),
  • “I’m sorry” (2011),
  • “Don’t let me go” (2011),
  • “Just the same” (duet by Sergei Glushko, 2011),
  • “Heaven” (2012),
  • “Taxi and the City” (2012),
  • “Venice Autumn” (2013),
  • “La Bomba” duet with N. Medvedeva, 2013),
  • “I Stood and Cried” (2013),
  • “Apricot Dreams” (2014)
  • “I Am Wicked by You” (duet with A. Marshal, 2014).
Natasha Koroleva in her youth

Natasha Koroleva in her youth

Natasha Koroleva released clips:
  • “Yellow Tulips” (1990),
  • “Why does love die? “(1991),
  • ” Dolphin and the Mermaid “(1992),
  • ” Moonlit Night “(1993),
  • ” Little Country “(1995),
  • ” Summer of Castanets “(1997),
  • ” A Little Bit of Counting “(2000),
  • ” Someday “(2001),
  • ” Drop “(2002),
  • Lilac Paradise” (2004),
  • “Paradise is where you are” (2005),
  • “Your night city” (2009),
  • “Don’t let me go” (2011)
  • “Heaven” (2012),
  • “Venice Autumn” (2013),
  • “La Bomba” (2013),
  • “Stood and Wept” (2013) and others.
Natasha Koroleva now

Natasha Koroleva now

In 2006, Natasha, together with Evgeny Papunaishvili, took part in the project “Dancing with the Stars” on the TV channel “Russia”.

Natasha performed in a duet with her husband Sergei Glushko in the First Channel show “Two Stars”.

In 2009, the Queen published her autobiographical novel Male Striptease. In addition, she published the book “Festive table from Natasha Koroleva. Simply delicious! and “Dishes for a celebration and banquet”.

Film Goldfish 2008

Film Goldfish 2008

2009 and 2011 Natasha opened beauty salons in Moscow. Also, the star is engaged in the design and creation of jewelry collections.

In 2010, the artist took part in the “Give yourself a life” project on the “Russia” TV channel.

In 2012, Natasha was the host of the show Queen of Prime on the NTV channel (only one issue was released).
Since 2012, Natasha Koroleva, together with her mother Lyudmila Ivanovna Poryvai, has been leading the culinary show “Time to Dinner!” on Channel One.

July 2014, the Queen released a new video for the song “Apricot Dreams”, where she appears against the backdrop of idyllic landscapes in a developing white dress with bare shoulders.

Natasha Koroleva with her husband

Natasha Koroleva with her husband

  1. Rank Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2004)
  2. Awards Diploma of the competition “Golden Tuning Fork” (1987)
  3. Ovation Award in the Best Album of the Year nomination for the Dolphin and the Mermaid album (1992)
  4. Golden Gramophone Award for the song Malvina’s Crystal Heart (1997)
  5. “Stopudovy Hit” award from Hit FM radio for the song “A Little Bit of Counting” (2000)
  6. “Golden Gramophone” award for the song “A Few Counts” (2000)
  7. “Best Duets of the Year” award for a duet with Tarzan (S. Glushko) “Believe it or not” (2003)
  8. Medal “For Faith and Goodness” (2011)
  9. International award in the field of culture
  10. art “Person of the Year” (Ukraine) (2011)
With her first husband Igor Nikolaev

With her first husband Igor Nikolaev


First spouse Igor Nikolaev (lived for nine years and divorced in 2001)
Second husband Sergey Glushko (known under the pseudonym Tarzan), got married in 2003
Son Arkhip Glushko (02.19.2002)