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Leniniana – Soviet artists painting Lenin

Soviet artists painting Lenin. Lenin and demonstration'. 1919. The State Historical Museum

Isaak Brodsky (1884-1939). ‘Lenin and demonstration’. 1919. The State Historical Museum. Soviet artists painting Lenin

Leniniana – Soviet artists painting Lenin

Leniniana – the name for works of art and literature, dedicated to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Anatoly Lunacharsky pointed out that Leniniana captured the image of the historical figure of world scale. On the creation of the image of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin worked many masters of the fine arts of the USSR. One of the first artists of this genre was Isaak Brodsky (1883-1939) – Soviet Russian painter and graphic artist, teacher and organizer of art education, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1932), one of the main representatives of the realist movement in Soviet art of 1930-ies, the author of an extensive pictorial Leniniana. Starting from 1917 the image of Lenin entered into works of arts and crafts, especially in the works of the masters of the Union republics of the USSR.

Soviet artists painting Lenin. A. Rylov. Lenin in Razliv. Oil on canvas, 1934. State Russian Museum

A. Rylov. Lenin in Razliv. Oil on canvas, 1934. State Russian Museum

Living in Razliv, Lenin continued to guide the work of the party on the preparation of the socialist revolution. He was brought here all the newspapers published in the capital. Members of the Party Central Committee – Stalin, Dzerzhinsky, Sverdlov and other party workers visited him. There he wrote a number of articles on the political situation in the country, which formed the basis of decisions of the VI Congress of the Bolshevik Party, which took place in the days when Lenin was hiding in Razliv. The Congress party has determined the course of an armed uprising. The situation in the area of Razliv became unsafe, were seen detectives, searching for Lenin. In addition, the rains began, it became colder. And 8 August, Vladimir Ilyich went to Finland.

Leniniana – Soviet artists painting Lenin

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