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Five legendary Soviet cafes and restaurants in Moscow

Cafe in Soviet times

Soviet cafes

Five legendary Soviet cafes and restaurants in Moscow: vegans don’t belong here

In Moscow restaurants, you can be served volovanov with Kamchatka crab, avocado and lime match, and champagne from the cellars of almost Bonaparte’s time. But life shows that pretentious establishments work for a couple of years, and then change the sign and concept. And there are places in the capital that have been open since Soviet times. It is cheap here, not always spotlessly clean, but tasty. We present our rating of the best Soviet cafes and restaurants in Moscow, take your pick!

1. Cheburek “Friendship”: the legend works again

Cheburek Friendship

Cheburek Friendship

Address Pankratyevsky lane, 2

When QR codes were in effect in Moscow for three weeks, the black door of the cheburechnaya near the Sukharevskaya metro station was closed. The people whispered: “Friendship” is over! And Moscow restaurateurs began to look for ways out to the owners in order to outbid the brand.

In fact, Druzhba was closed temporarily, now it is working successfully again. The same standing tables, an inconvenient line at the cashier behind the screen and a washstand, to which visitors come after, not before eating.

The menu includes only pasties with beef 90 rubles. In Soviet times, it cost 16 kopecks. “Friendship” was opened in the early 70s.

Soviet pasties

Soviet pasties in Soviet cafes

The crisp crust breaks under the pressure of the teeth and “cheburek nectar” is poured onto the beard. The tough guy at the next table is smiling: Young people! Even pasties can’t eat! You need to hold two spoons, or bite and drink the juice first, advised the regular.

I liked the Cheburek so much that I immediately ran after the second one. I wish I hadn’t done this: the dough smacked of fried fish. This happens when the oil is changed at the wrong time. And the meat in the second turned out to be with a gulkin’s nose. In general, the quality of the Druzhba main dish is variable.

In addition to chebureks, you can buy drinks here. Tea (30 rubles), black coffee (50 rubles), soda or juice (40 70 rubles), a bottle of vodka or brandy (50 300 rubles), beer (80 rubles).

2. Donut shop in Ostankino: a carriage driver skip the line

Donut shop in Ostankino. Soviet cafes

Donut shop in Ostankino. Soviet cafes

Address 1st Ostankinskaya street, p. 1

It opened in 1952 near the Ostankino pond and looked like an ordinary kiosk. In 1997, it was removed and a modern pavilion with a gabled roof and a weather vane in the shape of a Soviet star was built. This donut house is mentioned in the novel “Violinist Danilov” by Vladimir Orlov.

Five years ago, they wanted to demolish it there were problems with the legalization of the capital construction on this site. The petition in defense of the pavilion was signed by 10 thousand people they defended it.

There are only a couple of tables inside, but now they are wrapped in duct tape due to the pandemic. The queue is here almost at any time of the day. On weekends, its tail stretches 20 meters along the street. Near the tram ring. The drivers boldly push the crowd aside with their elbows and skip the line and take a bag of crispy muffins on the flight.

In the kitchen there is also a Soviet apparatus for “blowing” donut dough into boiling oil. 100 grams of donuts cost 50 rubles. They are honestly given by weight six pieces will cost about 150 rubles. Whereas in a stall in the park they ask for 70 rubles. a piece.

A couple of years ago, hot dogs were added to the menu 140 rubles. They make a cocktail a ball of ice cream milk for 100 rubles. Tea, coffee, soda 50 100 rubles. Please note that in principle they do not accept bank cards and transfers, only cash. And if there is no change, then they unequivocally hint that it would be necessary to take donuts to a round sum. Don’t refuse they are really delicious.

3. “Pancake” on Taganka: imbued with the legendary spirit

Pancake on Taganka

Pancake on Taganka

Address Vorontsovskaya street, 8, p. 1
It started working in 1962, and the last renovation was done here in the early 90s. Sticky tables, which are wiped with a “fragrant” rag, a giant samovar, which includes two buckets of boiled water, and cutlery thrown into a basin.

Before the pandemic, the pancake worked around the clock, and now until 23:00. The place was popular with taxi drivers, night police patrols and all sorts of fringes who are not averse to pouring fiery water down their throats. In general, you cannot drink alcohol, about which there is a warning. But the administration of the cafe is tolerant of its guests.

Pancakes are baked on some mega-cool American frying surface.

A couple of years ago, she broke down and had to urgently write out a new one from the States. They sing praises to local pancakes, and on Shrovetide, regulars order half a hundred ruddy ones with them. Be prepared to absorb greasy odors from your hair and clothing after your visit.

Let’s be honest, the pancakes are mediocre. Some fast food “Teremok” does much better. But three pieces cost 55 rubles. For an addition in the form of sour cream, condensed milk or jam, they take another 20 30 rubles.

The bestsellers of the Soviet catering are served: dairy sausage (50 rubles), cutlet (60 rubles), breaded fish (80 rubles), mashed potatoes with green peas (90 rubles). There are no three-digit prices, with the exception of a giant portion of 36 dumplings 120 rubles.

In the pancake shop, they say that scenes from the movie “The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed” was filmed here. In fact, this is a replicated myth. But Leonid Kanevsky, the author of the program “The investigation was conducted”, made historical inserts in his programs against the background of beige interiors of public catering.

4. “Lagmannaya” at VDNKh: an exemplary Soviet canteen
"Lagmannaya" at VDNKh. Soviet cafes

“Lagmannaya” at VDNKh. Soviet cafes

Address Prospekt Mira, 119, bldg. 529

The cafe is located behind the Belarus pavilion. The prices are not like those at the VDNKh food court. That is why many of the exhibition staff come here for lunch. When the lagmanny one appeared, her staff would not remember. They say that in the 80s she already worked and won in various social competitions for the quality of catering.

Now there is a fresh renovation. Alcohol only beer for 170 rubles. for a glass. The signature dish (200 rubles) is really incomparable: a huge portion, the broth is fatty in a good way, the meat is tasty, the noodles are elastic. Here you should also try pasties (70 rubles). The menu includes classic salads (100 130 rubles), barbecue and kebab (200 330 rubles), soft drinks (50 100 rubles).

5. “Barbecue 1957”: Nixon and Khrushchev feasted here
Barbecue 1957. Soviet cafes

Barbecue 1957, Soviet cafes

Address 2nd Luchevoy Prosek, 2

Sokolniki Park has enough places of worship. In the cafe “Violet” there is a table at which Pugacheva always sat, and in the 90s authoritative brothers shared the city here. Its competitor, the Lilac cafe, was a well-known dance floor and is still in operation. But when the word “shashlik” is used, all residents of the Eastern District immediately recall the cafe “1957” (the year of opening).

According to the documents, it is called “Under the Cedar”.

But this is on paper everyone is accustomed to calling it simply “the barbecue in Sokolniki”.

In 1959, US Vice President Richard Nixon and Secretary General Nikita Khrushchev dined here. The park hosted an exhibition of the achievements of American industry an amazing event of the Cold War era. The two countries, under the guise of a friendly exchange, agreed to hold mutual exhibitions: we will show ours in New York, and the “imperialists” will show off theirs in Moscow.

Of all the places of worship, “1957” looks the most modern. But the prices are not the same here. A portion of barbecue 470-590 rubles, pizza and burgers 420-640 rubles. However, this does not frighten the guests. Even on a weekday, the veranda is busy. And on weekends you have to look for a place, although there are a lot of boarding places inside. The kebab is decent, but the quality is inconsistent. The masters at the barbecue say that the meat suppliers are to blame they do not always bring good raw materials.