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Nostalgia for the great country

We are different, but we are together. USSR 15 republics

We are different, but we are together. Nostalgia for the great country

Nostalgia for the great country – the USSR, which we lost 25 years ago.
Looking through the comments on one of the most popular social sites, I’ve noticed that the more time passes, the more nostalgic sentiment appears in people born in the USSR. This publication – a tribute to the great country that we have lost. It was 25 years ago, the whole generation was raised not knowing about the Soviet way of life. And we understand people who can compare life in a modern society with the life in the USSR. Surprisingly, nostalgia for the Soviet Union is felt even among young people, who have never lived in the Soviet Union. Their arguments in favor of the USSR are inherited from parents and based on many other factors. The Soviet Union was a more efficient country in respect of social welfare, equality, confidence in the future than in today’s Russia. In the USSR was worshiped internationalism, the friendship of the peoples. People were kinder, morality and culture were at a higher level. Soviet society – a family-like society. Man to man was a friend, comrade and brother. Crime was much lower, salary was stable, and no unemployment. The TV did not show any rubbish. The idea united all, regardless of gender, race, nationality, and social status. There wasn’t a huge gap between people financially. There were wonderful inspirational Soviet films unsurpassed until now. Of course, this gives rise to Nostalgia for the great country.
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Soviet fashion model Regina Zbarskaya

Soviet fashion model Regina Zbarskaya (1935, Leningrad - 1987, Moscow)

Gorgeous Soviet fashion model Regina Zbarskaya (1935, Leningrad – 1987, Moscow)

In Soviet times, the profession of a “model” was as mysterious and unattainable, like a profession of astronaut or attache in France. Soviet people remember well the fashion magazine “Silhouette”, and some issues of the fashion magazines featuring Soviet fashion model Regina Zbarskaya. The models were inhabitants of heaven, even greater than film actresses, these at least were shown on television and interviewed for newspapers. Where the models like Regina live and how they work – remained a mystery. All these secrets revealed in the post-Soviet era. And then we have learned about sad fate of Regina Zbarskaya, betrayed by everybody – from friends and relatives to fans …
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USSR Female Aviation Regiment Night Witches

USSR Female Aviation Regiment

USSR Female Aviation Regiment Night Witches – a bomber regiment of the USSR troops, consisting only of women

USSR Female Aviation Regiment “Night Witches” – a bomber regiment of the USSR troops, consisting exceptionally of women. The Regiment was an unusual phenomenon in the Air Forces of the USSR. During the years of the World War II, or the Great Patriotic War, its pilots made many sorties, covering the flag of the regiment with military unfading glory. Brave women of the 46th Guards Taman Red Banner Order of Suvorov of third degree Night Bomber Aviation Regiment flew in tiny fighters in the remote areas to fight the Germans at night. They were armed and trained better than the German Air Force. During the fighting pilots of regiment made 23,672 sorties, many of which helped win important battles, both in Russia, and later, and in Germany. Women were so good and subtle, that German soldiers gave them the nickname «Nachthexen», or “Night Witches.” Their tactic was to fly up to the goal at a certain distance, and then turn off the engine to reduce the noise emitted by aircraft. They gradually reduced height and dropped bombs on the enemy, before anyone had time to notice them.
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Soviet poster artist Viktor Koretsky

Glory to great Chinese People

Glory to great Chinese People! Soviet poster artist Viktor Koretsky

Soviet artist Viktor Koretsky (1909-1998) is known primarily as a master of the political poster. He was the member of the Union of Artists, Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1964). During his life he made about seven hundred drawings on various topics, especially – political. Viktor Koretsky began his education in Moscow – professional art school (1922-1929). In the late 20’s – early 30-ies he created a gallery of portraits of artists and actors. Since 1931 and almost to the demise of the Soviet Union, he was constantly working on political posters. Under the influence of creativity of John Heartfield and Gustav Klutsis developed its own technique of photo mosaics as a form of poster. Collaborated with publishers “OGIZ”, “IZOGIZ”, “Art”. In 1930 he worked as a decorator for a number of plays of the realistic theater of Nikolai Okhlopkov and theater-studio of Yuri Zavadsky. Almost fifty years he was a member of the editorial board of the publishing house “Reklam-film” (1939-1987).
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