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Soviet warrior artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets

Soviet warrior artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets. Warsaw Pact. Oil. 1970

Soviet warrior artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets (born 1918). Warsaw Pact. Oil. 1970

The painting “Warsaw Pact” shows soldiers of the socialist countries, standing under the banners of their armies, representing a reliable support of peace and happy creation of the fraternal peoples. In the military labor of the Soviet Army, he sees the guarantee of peace and protect, as the most precious and valuable on the Earth. Creativity of Soviet warrior artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets is inextricably linked with the army. People’s Artist of the RSFSR Vladimir Pereyaslavets – military officer, pilot and painter, whose life is connected with the art and the army. Vladimir Pereyaslavets (born November 22, 1918) – Soviet Russian painter, teacher, artist of studio of military artists of MB Grekov since 1950. Corresponding Member (1995), Academician of Russian Academy of Arts (2002), People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1980). Colonel of USSR Armed Forces, retired. Member of the Union of Artists since 1957.

1954. Family portrait of Konchalovsky in the interior. Pyotr Konchalovsky (center). Photo by Mikhail Ozerskiy (RIA Novosti)

1954. Family portrait of Konchalovsky in the interior. Pyotr Konchalovsky (center). Photo by Mikhail Ozerskiy (RIA Novosti)

One could write a fascinating story about the childhood and youth of this amazing man. The summer of 1933, near the city of Obninsk was located an orphanage camp, where the future artist was brought up. Here, in the picturesque places on the riverbank of the Protva, Pyotr Petrovich Konchalovsky often painted sketches. He drew attention to a living and sociable boy, standing out among his peers, who watched the work of the master. They got to talking, and in one of these visits Konchalovsky took the boy to his place. “I got into an extraordinary house. Everything here breathed with art. This wonderful family helped me to become a man, loving work and painting, helped to become an artist … ”

Naturally, the creative life of Vladimir Pereyaslavets was strongly influenced by the generous nature of Konchalovsky – the brilliant Soviet painter, whose creative covenants his pupil remembers with gratitude for life. In the early days of World War II student of the Moscow Art Institute Vladimir Pereyaslavets volunteered for the front, he became a fighter pilot and since then does not remove the blue uniform. After the war, graduating from the college and becoming an artist, he could not leave the aircraft and participated in the air parade in Tushino for ten years.

In the paintings of Vladimir Pereyaslavets you can see soldiers and officers, planes and ships, border posts, the peaceful life of modern soldiers, their leisure, lifestyle, sports, military exercises. The pilots – favorite characters of Vladimir Pereyaslavets. He created dozens of paintings, dedicated to aviation, the people of the military profession. The artworks praise the people of the Soviet Army, their manly appearance, willingness, if necessary, defending the homeland, the exploits of their fathers and grandfathers.

Most emotional burden in the genre paintings of the artist bears the landscape against which unfolds the action. The artist works a lot in the field of pure landscape, referring to the first principle of all things – nature, to its eternal and inescapable beauty in need of a reliable protector and guardian. He also paints cityscapes, embodying the shape of the ancient Russian cities, architectural features of past centuries.

Twice, Pereyaslavets was in Cuba, where he met with the soldiers of the People’s Revolutionary Army, in 1966, together with the artist M. Samsonov worked in combating Vietnam for 40 days. “The main thing that I wanted to express in the paintings of Vietnam – is the courage of the people, their commitment to the most severe test for the freedom of their homeland, and at the same time warmth, kindness, respect for the Russian people.” Vladimir Pereyaslavets created several paintings showing steadfast and consistent struggle of the Soviet people for peace: “Bearers of the world”, “Unity”, “Our friend – Mongolia”.

Soviet artist Vladimir Pereyaslavets

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