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Soviet artist Elena Romanova

Soviet artist Elena Romanova. Family of Vasily Shukshin. 1976

The Family of Vasily Shukshin. 1976. Painting by Soviet artist Elena Romanova (1944-2014)

Soviet artist Elena Romanova was born in 1944 in Moscow, the USSR. She graduated from the Moscow State Art Institute named after Surikov. In 1975 she became a laureate of the Moscow Komsomol for creating portraits of contemporaries, and later was awarded a diploma of I degree of the USSR Academy of Arts for her work “Portrait of a family of Vasily Makarovich Shukshin.” Pictures of Elena Romanova are kept in the Tretyakov Gallery, in the collections of different cities and countries. She worked on a series of graphic works dedicated to the workers of Tajikistan and Baikal-Amur Mainline.

E. Romanova. Bright day in the studio. Self-portrait. Oil. 1974

Bright day in the studio. Self-portrait. Oil. 1974. Painting by Soviet artist Elena Romanova (1944-2014)

In the self-portrait of the artist, called “Bright day in the studio” (1974), the walls do not restrict the space of the room: a space in front of us – the space of thought, imagination. Romanova opens to the viewer the world of her affections, her work, and how she lives today, on what she will work tomorrow. In the confident standing figure of the artist is felt belief in the correctness of the chosen path. Optimism of the picture emphasizes the sunny color mood.

Maybe this enlightenment in painting by Romanova is emphasized by a modern refraction of her favorite art of Italian masters of the early Renaissance, which became for her, still a student of the Surikov Institute, model of excellence, humanity and beauty. Maybe to the graphically clear manner of her painting contributed the fact that she had the opportunity to study in the workshop of monumental painting, which for many years led the prominent Soviet artist Alexander Deineka.

While still a student, Elena Romanova had to work on the Volga near Astrakhan, decorated a rural House of Culture with her classmates. Later she visited the construction of the Nurek hydropower plant, has brought a lot of sketches from there. The pencil portrait of Zina Olenina showed the image of a girl-builder, catching character, the will of those internal forces that allow the Soviet people to move mountains, to explore outer space and give life to the desert. With a group of Bulgarian artists, Elena Romanova worked on Olkhon and the Baikal for a month. She saw how the islanders and fishermen live and work. These memorable encounters Elena depicted in her art.

The Academy of Arts sent Elena Romanova to work for a month in Italy. She spent much time in the Uffizi Gallery, looking at immortal creations of Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, familiar from reproductions since childhood. To be able to draw well, to feel the plastic like old masters of the Renaissance – it is necessary to study all life to achieve the results through the knowledge and skill. Direct contact with the works of great artists has added confidence in her strength, caused an even greater desire to work and hope that the best is ahead.

Meanwhile, her lyrical painting “Lark” Elena Romanova dedicated this work to the Pilots of the 586th Fighter Regiment. On the wide meadow is a plane. Its flattened along the horizon wings as if pushing the boundaries of the image, highlight the boundless expanse of land. The plane – a girl – pilots. Their friend, dressed in blue is sitting astride the fuselage. They stare up, where sounds sonorous, melodic song between heaven and earth. This is an early bird. If you ever heard it sing, then you already know how it is difficult to find a singer in the vast blue expanse. I think here it is very close to his ringing sounds, shimmering voice. The girls, forgetting everything in the world, listen to the singer of the fields. And it seems, the war is no longer on Earth …

Soviet artist Elena Romanova

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